I Could Never Be Creative

“I could never be creative!” 

A plaintive cry from those who see other people create marvellous things and all the while bemoan their own futile attempts. 

Perhaps they tried once, and failed, not to take up a creative tool again. Yet the desire is there, the want is there, the need is there. They feel something is missing, a vacant space on the mantlepiece that wants to be filled.

I suspect at the root of it is fear.
The fear of failure. 
The fear of commitment.
The fear of rejection by family and/or friends.
The fear of not being good enough.

Every creative person I know has these fears. I have these fears. However, I do not let the fear dominate. 

I know I will fail. This is how I will learn to improve.
I know I must have commitment. This is how I learn discipline. Without it, I will not achieve my goals.
I know I will be rejected. This is normal for a writer. Rejection does not define my creativity.
I know I will not be good enough. This is how I will strive for greater. Comparison is a false economy to judge yourself.

“I could never be creative!”


(Think Bob the Builder).

You can be creative. You have to give yourself permission to start being creative. You have to start. You have to continue. You have to finish. 

Then you start again.

Start small.

If you want to be a writer, write a paragraph.
If you want to draw, scribble on a Post It Note.

If you want to cook, make cupcakes.
If you want to garden, buy a pot plant.
If you want to knit, learn to knot a basic square. Knit enough to make a baby’s blanket.
If you want to serve others, volunteer for a local charity.

For whatever creative endeavour you want to pursue, start small. Something you can do in twenty minutes or half an hour once this week. Commit to doing this creative act once a week for a month. In the second month, commit to twice a week. Give yourself permission to miss it if you need to (just don’t beat yourself up over it). In the third month, commit to as often as you are able: once, twice, three times a week. Even daily.

It’s understanding the power you have to be creative. Doesn’t need to be world-changing, just changing your world. Creativity is a safe place; a place where you are able to be you.

Be creative. Create.


4 responses to “I Could Never Be Creative

  1. I loved reading this! Thank you for your positivity! 🙂

  2. As always, well played Sir. Well played.

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