A Little Prompting #12

Pens at the ready? Paint squeezed onto the palette? Pencil sharpened?

Ready. Set. Go! for this week’s set of prompts

THEME Ego is not a dirty word
RANDOM LINE PROMPT She felt like a slowly deflating balloon; as fast as she patched the holes new ones appeared. 
PHOTOGRAPH  apple-watch-gold


SONG/MUSIC VIDEO Living Colour – Cult of Personality

SENSORY SUGGESTION The gentle pressure of a shirt collar against the neck as a tie is adjusted.
QUOTE I fed my ego but not my soul – Yakov Smirnoff

One response to “A Little Prompting #12

  1. I used this set of prompts at writers group last night and got 4 completely different stories from the sensory prompt. Amazing where a tightening tie can take people…

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