The Year That Was; The Year That Will Be

The end of a calendar year often marks a moment of reflection, contemplation and wondering why the toilet paper runs out at the most inopportune time.

And so it is with me. 

Side note: I know someone who uses the Chinese New Year as their starting point for a creative year. I’m seriously considering using the New Financial Year (June 30/July 1) as  my starting point. That way, if I stuff up the first half of the year I can reboot in the second half. Win.

In terms of reflection here’s the tl;dr version – I achieved nothing of substance and note. No progress on synopsis, novella, verse novel, short stories. Many half started efforts, scribbled poems, half-baked ideas. Nothing finished.

I could list a rather long inventory of excuses, reasons, happenstance or circumstance for it all.

Four Takeaways from This Year

  1. It’s virtually impossible to rebuild when you’re burnt out. Even doing small, seemingly achievable pieces can be a chore and have no significance.  
  2. Indecision and lack of focus are detrimental to making progress
  3. Without setting realistic goals and targets you will get nowhere.
  4. I didn’t read enough.

Four Steps to Making Progress Next Year

  1. Read more frequently – feed the soul and fill the well. This includes more drumming practice (too often neglected as a way of refilling the well).
  2. Set realistic goals and targets. I received a Pilot Press diary this year to keep track of my goals and targets. I have already set up my goals for January.
  3. Take care of my mental health to avoid burn out. Learn when to say “No,” when to say “Yes,” and work out what is important. Prioritise.
  4. Get Stuff Done. This is my mantra for 2016. 

May your 2016 be a productive year. 


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