Photo A Day In January

I came across a Photo A Day challenge. Better still, it gave each day a focus.

It is something different for this writer to attempt, another creative task to help get the mind thinking.

Let it be well and truly known that I am not a photographer; I am only using the camera on my phone. If the image is edited it is for black and white or cropping, with minimal colour correction/enhancement. No other filters were used.

Here is the list:


And here is the first third. There is still time to join in.

Day 1 Black and White

My girls, aged 8 and 10.


Day 2 What I Did Today

Celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday (that’s him in the middle, me on the left and my best mate on the right).


Day 3 Water


Day 4 Circle

Taking an obscure idea for this one.


Day 5 Leaves

I’m a writer so the first thing I think of when it comes to leaves is the pages of a book.


Day 6 Something Blue

Rediscovering my Lego collection.


Day 7 Reading

Many years of Modern Drummer magazine (not seen is all my Phantom comics)


Day 8 Landscape

The backyard is a landscape.


Day 9 Shoes

I love my Converse.


Day 10 – Lucky

Another tangential idea for this one. Three symbols I wear around my neck: the Trinity (my faith), drumsticks (my passion – other than writing), butterfly (my daughters).



2 responses to “Photo A Day In January

  1. great post thanks

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