The Lonely Stormtrooper

Looking after a friend’s children recently I took along my Lego Stormtrooper knowing he had plenty of City Lego set up. So, my Lego Stormtrooper went visiting. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have some fun and tell a story in the process.

The Lonely Stormtrooper #1 Taking a well earned holiday, TLS took a mystery flight to see if he could relax.


The Lonely Stormtrooper #2 At first he felt lost, just one of the crowd, but at least he had individuality here.


The Lonely Stormtrooper #3 He thought a boat trip may help him relax but he got seasick before they left the dock.


The Lonely Stormtrooper #4 Taking a wander around the port helped get rid of his seasickness but not his stress.


The Lonely Stormtrooper #5 Everything was so busy, frantic, always on the go. Just like work.


The Lonely Stormtrooper #6 Lunch for one had its advantages, sitting in the corner booth. At least the tea was good.


The Lonely Stormtrooper #7 An afternoon constitutional was in order. He liked the order of the trees. Felt like home.


The Lonely Stormtrooper #8 A stable was a welcome distraction. Everyone loves to pat equine. He missed his dewback.


The Lonely Stormtrooper #9 But one should never pass up the opportunity to spin the decks. Bringing the noise!


The Lonely Stormtrooper #10 And there was even time for a photoshoot as a momento of his day. Black is so slimming.


The Lonely Stormtrooper #11 Then it was time to go home. Still lonely but having had a good day nonetheless. The End



3 responses to “The Lonely Stormtrooper

  1. I think you’re onto something! I see a series of children’s books on the horizon…

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