Zentangle Poetry #2


I realise I am better at blackout/erasure poetry than I am at doodling for zentangle poetry. Not that I am going to give up creating zentangle poems; it’s admitting a limitation to a skill set I do not have mastery of. 

I also realised I made this poem harder to read due to the division of the sections. It looks like a comic book format which makes the reading more complex as it divides the words in a way that I had not planned. It’s an error of planning on my part.

To read it, read across from left to right as you normally would and ignore the arbitrary divisions. Hope that makes sense. 

Still learning. Still having fun creating. 


2 responses to “Zentangle Poetry #2

  1. I also find the zentangle bit harder to be satisfied with; I feel like it’s “just doodling” rather than creating, almost. But you have inspired me to have a go, via photoshop and with paper & pen, so thank you for that!

    • I believe even the doodling is an inherent creative part of the process as much as the words sought for and found. Have a go at it. See what happens.

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