Zentangle #3

An evening spent with Jostein Gaarder’s “Through A Glass Darkly” (where the previous two zentagle poems have come from) brought about this piece.

invisible words
float between 
each voice

you can lie with 
a single word

what delicate instruments
when the window is shut

I can sometimes
see with my ears



Unlike other zentangle examples, I cannot doodle. I find it difficult. Shapes, patterns, scribbles, images do not figure in my thinking.

I see the page for the words and the meaning contained therein.

If I had the foresight I could have used the space within the speech balloons as a canvas for doodling but I preferred the blackness; the negative space to draw attention to the words.

Making art because art. No other reason. And that’s the thing. You art. You experiment. You play. As Neil Gaiman says, “Make good art.” Not sure this is good art but I’m making art.

I hope you’re making art, too.


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