Words Are Really Bloody Hard Sometimes


Another of my random twitter thoughts (shown above) sparked another line of thinking. 

As a writer, words are the inadequate representation of our experiences, our emotions, our memories. Yet they are what we have to suffice our mental connection with another person. 

Whether it is the spoken word or the written word, finding the words, or sentences, or paragraphs, or chapters, or epic tomes to convey the depth of what it is we are feeling, is the greatest of challenges. 

We put names to our emotions, the feelings that stir in our stomachs, our hearts, our minds, because to name it is to find a location, a home, an understanding. 

How it is expressed is another challenge. A single line, an epithet or couplet can capture the essence of our emotional complexity. Conversely, it may take an entire novel to plumb the depths and we still feel we haven’t explored the parameters.

We piece together our understanding of our emotions through poetry, novels, anecdotes, newspaper articles, plays through the actions, thoughts and decisions of the characters in the hope we will gain greater tolerance, insight, perspective and sense of self.

We share a common language and vocabulary to share our common humanity yet, sometimes, words are really bloody hard to find.


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