Zentangle #30 A Secret

A Secret

a secret 
is how everything
might have been
the alarm clock
on the windowsill
wanted to find out
Is it morning?


This piece is for sale $15AUS (inc postage to anywhere in the world). For an extra $2AUS you can get a set of zentangle postcards.

If you wish to purchase this piece, leave a message in the comments and I will get in touch with you via the email address you use when posting a comment.


Calico tote bags featuring “Coloured Pencils” and “Stupid Question” and postcards are available for sale HERE.

You can also view the Gallery of zentangle poetry HERE.

3 responses to “Zentangle #30 A Secret

  1. May have asked before but forgotten … what’s a zentangle?

    • Zentangle is a mix of erasure/blackout poetry, and art. Using an existing piece of text (in my series, I’ve been using “Through A Glass Darkly” by Jostein Gaarder) I select words from the page, blackout what I don’t want and illustrate the background.
      A quick google search will show you the breadth and depth of work that people create. It’s fascinating.
      Zentangle is more about abstract patterns or doodles than a specific illustration but it’s up to the author/artist to create as they see fit for their purpose.

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