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Zentangle #19 Dissolving



the thought of
gradually dissolving
is to 
lose faith in 
the flesh and blood
beneath the skin


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UPDATE: The piece is now SOLD.
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Today I Heard Fear

Today I heard fear. 
It whispered. 
It did not speak loudly with
a stinging sleight 
or a shouted accusation.
It whispered
like a door creaking in the wind.
The subtle background noise
skirting the edges of conversation
sweeping in on wisps of wind
slipping in between the silences
of background noise so cleverly filtered out
until the static idly coalesced and said,
“You cannot do this.
Do not dream or imagine.
It’s too hard.”
It’s only when I take up my pen
and write and bleed and weep
that the fear disappears.

Zentangle #17 and #18

In what has been a very brutal couple of months personally, it sucked the life out of me, particularly creatively. I am still working on a chapter for the collaborative novel with my creative partners Jodi and Rus. I am almost done. But with the busyness of this time of year I am not yet done. So close. Yet not done.

However while long form projects take longer to finish, short term, almost immediate creative projects, can be done. Zentangles have been a glorious creative focus.

These two were created for my creative co-conspirators and good friends, Jodi and Rus. (On a side note, Rus has a released a new collection of stories and essays for Christmas. Click HERE. And Jodi regularly sells poetry squares via her Etsy store. Click HERE.)

In the light of their recent releases, these zentangles were serendipitous. I was using the same book as all my zentangles (Through A Class Darkly by Jostein Gaardner) and found the words and images quite quickly. They are now winging their way to their respective homes in Brisbane, Australia and Towson, America.

It is a good feeling to compose a piece for a specific person. One that I know meets the creative and spiritual aspects of their personality and character.

Zentangle #17 – Theology


the theology of nature
is to see imagination
playing in heaven

Zentangle #18 – Souls


try to describe
if you think
my soul
ought to keep silent

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Zentangle #15 Two Ravens



I had
two ravens
to forget everything
you become sad when
let go

Zentangle #14 Answer



A fragment of answer
inside the door
stealing through
like little children

Zentangle #13 Notebook



the notebook was
a promise
to never tell lies

Zentangle #12 Decoration



below ground
a decorated
little brother
the bedside table
a vase of flowers
a dustpan and brush