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Post It Note Philosophy #13


Creativity begins as a conversation the artist has within himself. He asks the hard questions of himself in order to create. When he has created he is able to share it with the audience and promote, precipitate or provoke a conversation.

Post It Note Philosophy 12


Creativity begins with permission. Grant permission with the gift of an instrument: a pen, a brush, a camera or a musical instrument.

Post It Note Philosophy 11


Protect your creative space and keep it sacred.  Location is not important; be it your desk, the romping room table, the lounge room floor, under a tree, in the library, your favourite spot on the couch. Protect your space, keep it sacred and create good art.

Post It Note Philosophy 10

Post It Note Philosophy on Creativity 10

PIN Philosophy 10

Creativity is a delicate dichotomy between seriousness and whimsy, rebellion and acceptance, reason and passion, community statements and individual mantras, darkness and light, life and death.

Post It Note Philosophy 9

Post It Note Philosophy on Creativity 9

PIN Philosophy 9

Too often creative people fear the darkness of their heart and mind and soul. Creativity gives you the ability to engage with and understand the darkness. When you have named your fear, creativity makes it your captive and it serves you.

Post It Note Philosophy 8

Post It Note Philosophy on Creativity 8

PIN Philosophy 8

Creativity cannot tell you who you are; it can only project the person you are.

Post It Note Philosophy 7

Post It Note Philosophy on Creativity 7

PIN Philosophy 7

Creativity is not about being “artistic” in the traditional sense of the word; it’s about understanding who you are. Tell your story with your voice in your medium. To be creative is to embrace the gifting and aptitude you have and believe it makes a difference.

Post It Note Philosophy Day 6

Post It Note Philosophy on Creativity 6

PIN Philosophy 6

Creativity requires an awareness and openness to the world. As you perceive it through taking a photo, writing lines of poetry, sketching, dancing, shooting a video, you are entering into the mindfulness of creativity. You are present in the moment, aware and open.

Post It Note Philosophy 5

Post It Note Philosophy on Creativity 5

PIN Philosophy 5

When you are creating, do not be timid in your approach. Do not doubt or you will seize up like an unused engine. Instead, be daring, be bold, be adventurous even if you do not know where you are going.

Post It Note Philosophy 4

Post It Note Philosophy on Creativity – Day 4

PIN Philosophy 4

Creativity is an attempt to understand what it is we fear; what is external and internal to our world. We fear what we could become; we fear what we may not become. Out of the darkness, we create to conquer our fear, giving it a shape, a form, a name. By our act of creation we let others know they are not alone.