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Post It Note Philosophy 3

Post It Note Philosophy and Creativity – Day 3

PIN Philosophy 3

Marvel at the acts of creation when you look at the diversity of human faces, the complexity of design at the microscopic level and the breadth of the cosmos. Creation exists for pleasure and for the expression of beauty in all its difference and divergence. Therefore, create useless beauty; something that is simply meant to be enjoyed.

Post It Note Philosophy 2

Creativity Philosophy Day 2

PIN Philosophy 2

To speak creatively you must first find your voice. Experiment with words, pencils or brushes, a camera or canvas, even your body. Then, once you have found your voice, speak with clarity and purpose.

Creativity and Post It Note Philosophy

Today is the first of September. It is the first day of Spring in Australia and it is Father’s Day. Symbolically it is a time of new beginnings, of creation, of celebrating new life.

I firmly believe in the creative dynamic is a part of everyone’s life; it is not the sole domain of the writer, the artist or the musician, the film maker or dancer. Therefore for the month of September I will post a Post It Note with a statement about creativity. It will be an exploration of what I believe creativity is, and how it can be a dynamic part of everyone’s existence.

Please share and encourage people to find their creativity.

Here’s the first one.

PIN Philosophy 1

Creativity, the act of creation, is an intensely spiritual act. It is a calling forth from the imagination and speaking into reality your vision and purpose.

“In the beginning was the Word.”

Go, and speak.