Do You Really Want To Know Who I Am?

Adam sifts through the ennui, minutiae and detritus of life and catalogues them as potential story ideas.  They are pretty much a pad of sticky notes on the fridge door.  These ideas have a funny habit of forming the basis of his writing.

Occasionally he finds loose change.

He is an English teacher and occasional drummer with an interest in literary pursuits, creative endeavours,  rhythmic permutations, theological amplifications and comedic outbursts.  Surprisingly, being a high school English teacher yields few ideas.  Perhaps he just isn’t looking hard enough.

A wanna-be drumming rock star, he wonders if he can one day combine the rock and roll lifestyle with a book signing tour.

His first, and collaborative, novel, Post Marked: Piper’s Reach with his writing partner, Jodi Cleghorn, is out now via Vine Leaves Press. It is also available on Amazon AU, Booktopia, iBooks and other locations.

He also has a long list of other projects to complete so he had better sort them out.

Adam is also a member of The Jar Writers’ Collective with Jodi Cleghorn and Rus van Westervelt. The Collective is a way of exploring the boundaries of narratives producing transformative stories in a kaleidescope of forms.

Adam exists on twitter as @RevHappiness and on Instagram as @handwrittenpages and will do almost anything for a strawberry milkshake.

10 responses to “Do You Really Want To Know Who I Am?

  1. …. and the more pink in colour the better the milkshake is….. particularly if it came from an OAK milkbar somewhere in the Hunter!

  2. Really cool bio! I’d love to know what your students think of you :o)

  3. Interesting BIO! You are a Gonna-Be Drumming Rock Star! Keep inspiring…we love it!

  4. Great Bio, and an interesting site! I look forward to reading more!

  5. Adam, your thoughts seem to run akin to an INTPs or perhaps INFP….as you know, the Myers-Briggs developed test (based off of Carl Jung’s theories) – the types are not a box, just a springboard to learn who you really are. I loved you piece on the fear that creative people feel and overcoming this self-sabotoging enemy. I have recognized this fear in my life and am finally confronting it – you feel much better working through those uncomfortable feelings. I can’t always identify what they are, but I realize they are uncomfortable.

    (aka, Wendy)

  6. jessiemartinovic

    love the title, contradictions are so classy and valuable, look forward to reading more fellow human

  7. Interesting combination of arts music and writing.

  8. you used the word detritus. score.

  9. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. The details will be posted on my page later today. Keep up the great writing.

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