Guest Posts

Apart from writing fiction and blogging here, I also blog over at Write Anything.

I recommend reading through the wealth of information the writers of Write Anything provide, including weekly writing prompts and the Form and Genre Challenge.

Each month, the writers focus on a specific theme as well as writing an open post, a topic of their choice.

Here I have collected the links to my articles.

Topic Posts

Shiny New Crayons and a Blank Piece of Paper 23 March, 2012

When We Last Left Our Hero… 17 April, 2012

Two Roads Diverged And I Took Neither 2 May, 2012 – The fears of writing

A Celebration of Discipline 21 June, 2012

Taking a Chance 26 July, 2012

Please Show All Working 9 August, 2012

Cheer Squads and Coaches 26 September, 2012

What Does It Mean To Be Published 24 October, 2012

The Curtains Are Simply Blue 12 November, 2012


Open Posts

Deep Reading 29 March, 2012

Reading as Meditation 4 April, 2012

Writing and Sex: A Dubious Metaphor 28 May, 2012

9 Reasons Why Writers Can’t Have Nice Things 4 July, 2012

8 Things Writers Need to be Doing 2 August, 2012

Try Something Different 6 September, 2012

Creating Momentum in Writing 9 October, 2012

Interpreting A Character Via Reader Comments 26 November, 2012

When To Shut Down A Creative Life 5 December, 2012

9 responses to “Guest Posts

  1. I have written a few poems from childhood memories and also life challenges .Any advice would be appreciated on some new approaches.My brain is going in circles! Thanks

    • Keep writing, revising, editing, rewriting. Seek feedback from other writers. Read as much as you can. Read as many blogs as you can about the art and craft of writing.

      • Thanks for your input just starting to learn as the ropes

      • We all started somewhere and began the journey, following the signposts along the way and learning as we went.

      • Ok I need advice I want to restart writing but it’s been 3 years ago I want to start but I not sure any body who can help me I will be grateful

      • Wanting to restart is the first step.
        Knowing what to do next is the uncertain step.
        If you want to write short stories, find a prompt and start from there.
        If you want to write poetry, give yourself 20 minutes to write something without censoring yourself.
        If you want to write a novel, begin planning characters, plot and the main themes.
        The most important thing is to start. Small if needs be; ambitious in scope.
        Srart. Get feedback. Keep going.

      • Maybe I should write about the stress of holiday time After all the crazyness of Holidays are over I guessing it would be better to start somewhere not sure 🤔 Thanks

      • Introducing new chapters including raw materials. Just scratch on on the surface

  2. A roller coaster ride it is !

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