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What Will Be Your Creative Legacy?

I stand at the beginning of my writing journey, still wearing in the new shoes of “writer” and attending to the blisters on my heels with Band Aids.

I look forward down the road where other writers have been and look at the legacy they have left behind. I read the graffiti scrawled on the walls of the underpasses and bridges of commentators and critics, other readers and writers and come to understand the place of writers and storytellers, the mischief-makers of language and those who guard its legitimacy with fervour and zeal.

What Will Be Your Creative Legacy?

As I walk, I wonder what my creative legacy will be. Will my words live on beyond me in tomes of dead trees or digital imprint?

I’m not sure I really care because I want to leave a different legacy.

The essence of creativity is not to leave a body of work but to leave a legacy of relationships.

Through digital connections and real life conversations I’ve made great relationships. As a writer, I’ve made connections with people who are further along the journey than me who are willing to share their insight and input even if it’s limited by 140 characters. I’ve met other writers who I walk along side, encouraging, supporting and cheering on for their successes and offering Band Aids and support when needed.

And it is my hope to offer to new writers the same support and encouragement I received when I started writing. Everyone needs someone to champion your creative cause: writing, music, art, dance, film, photography, business or sport.

Your champion will provide encouragement when it appears hardest and swift kick in the backside when you’re slacking off.

Your champion will smile and nod when you tell them your latest crazy idea and won’t be afraid to ask how you’ll be able to pull it off.

Your champion will trumpet your success and commiserate your failure (and later on, make it an object lesson so you learn from your mistakes).

Be A Champion and Leave a Legacy

And then there will come a time when you will become the champion for someone else because it is the biggest and best thing you can do.

I want to ensure my character lasts longer than my words (although it would be nice if my words and works were recognised, too).

I want to create a community where we champion each other’s causes whether it’s writing, music, art, dance, film, photography, business or sport because it is more blessed to give than to receive and it fulfills the commandment to ‘love thy neighbour as thyself.’ 

Go the extra step; offer the jacket when you’re asked for the shirt.

Champion someone’s creative cause.

Can I offer you a Band Aid?