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Post It Note Philosophy 10

Post It Note Philosophy on Creativity 10

PIN Philosophy 10

Creativity is a delicate dichotomy between seriousness and whimsy, rebellion and acceptance, reason and passion, community statements and individual mantras, darkness and light, life and death.

Creative Dichotomy

Creative Dichotomy

Make art from the beautiful and the ugly;

From the joyful events of life and from the circumstances marked by sorrow.

Make art to evoke laughter and to break someone’s heart;

To provide fun for celebration and provide solemnities for mourning.

Make art to teach and inform, and to prick the conscience;

To elevate the humble and bring down the proud,

To encourage and to chastise.

Make art to provoke anger and rebellion;

To reflect and critique, to warn and admonish.

Make art to give voice to the voiceless and to silence the mouthpieces.

Make art to reflect and embrace the ordinary and the extraordinary.