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Post It Note Poetry #23 – Vision



In the valley I feel
the restrictive comfort
of boundaries
the tangible walls
I cling to
feeling my way through
At the peak of the hill
the vista overwhelms
with no wall
to stabilise and steady
I return to the valley

Adult Scars – Micropoetry

adult scars run deep
prone to reopening
when picked at until
festering scabs form
habits from childhood
where we wish to return

Post It Note Poetry February 24

February 24 – Washing Line Conversation

Post It Note Poetry Feb 24

Last night’s conversation

Continues on the clothes line

The shirt and blouse entwined

Embraced in the music of the wind

Trousers slipped off

Placed one on the other

Now creased and dishevelled and

Two pairs of underpants side by side

As they were last night