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Post Marked: Piper’s Reach Christmas Special

It’s nice to return to previous stories and characters. The collaborative epistolary novel I wrote, Post Marked: Piper’s Reach, while still seeking a home for publication, provides a wonderful depth of characters and ideas to return to.

Jodi (my co-writer) and I have often bounced around ideas for other stories in the world of Ella-Louise and Jude, and the town of Piper’s Reach. 

Two years ago we released a Christmas Special focused on the night of the surf club Christmas party in 1991. There’s a lovely tradition in English television of the Christmas Special episode. Think of Doctor Who.

The night in question is mentioned in the letters so it was a natural place to return to and looked at their burgeoning, and doomed relationship, while also seeing their lives through their family and friends.

Old friends, like old characters, well met. We have a very soft spot for the characters of Ella-Louise and Jude; they are our “comfort writing;” the writing that flows almost unconsciously to create the lives of characters we lived with for so long that we see them almost as real. That if we were to walk down the street we’d recognise them in an instant in the crowd.

Therefore there will be a NEW Christmas Special released this year. Stay tuned for details!

If you’re unfamiliar with Post Marked: Piper’s Reach, drop into the website and introduce yourself to the characters.


Alice’s Adventures In Blackout Poetry

It’s funny how way leads on to way when it comes to creativity.

Last week I was chatting with Jodi (my writing co-conspirator) and she posed the question, “What would we do with the same page of text to create a poem?”

We think very differently in some respects when it comes to creativity. 

I tend to use the blackout/erasure method while Jodi has been utilising a cut and paste methodology. 

It’s different architectures for artistry. Jodi prefers the physicality of moving chunks of text to create and find meaning whereas I use the text as it is available, using the pieces to create the whole. It is physically passive whereas the cut and paste adds another physical, active dimension to creativity.

Simply different approaches to creating art.

Even in a brief discussion about creating these poems there are lessons to be learned; different approaches and different perspectives that can be translated into other creative areas. Take each creative activity as a learning experience. 

This is my contribution (I will arrange it into lines for easier reading):

the reason
time happens
is the young
know a proposal
every word a story
their names were
questions of the extraordinary


You can see Jodi’s contribution over on her blog, Pursuing Parallels.

The Heart Is An Echo Chamber Release Day

Today The Heart Is An Echo Chamber is released. It is the companion to Jodi Cleghorn’s No Need to Reply.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.19.01 AM

My story, “Untethering” is a response story to “Squeezebox.” Get both books and see what the authors have done with the original idea.

You can grab yourself a copy by heading over here.

The Heart Is An Echo Chamber Release Date

It has taken a little while but on August 10th I will have a new story coming out in Jodi Cleghorn’s collection, The Heart is An Echo Chamber.

My story, “Untethering” is a response story to “Squeezebox” from No Need to Reply.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.19.01 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.18.52 AM

Follow the link below to get your hands on one or both of the books.

The Heart Is An Echo Chamber

New Publication – Untethering


Coming up at the end of May, my good friend and writing co-conspirator, Jodi Cleghorn, is releasing a companion volume to her collection of short stories “No Need to Reply.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.19.01 AM

The new volume is “The Heart Is An Echo Chamber” and it is a little different. It is different in that Jodi is not the author of this collection. In fact, it is a collection of writers responding to the stories from “No Need to Reply.”

The writers include Tom Dullemond, Kristen Erskine, Stacey Larner, Ben Payne, Lois Spangler, Helen Stubbs, Rus VanWestervelt and myself.

We each took a story from the original volume and reworked it, taking it to different places, from different angles, from different perspectives. 


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.18.52 AM

My story is “Untethering,” the companion piece to “Squeezebox.”

You can grab a copy of “No Need to Reply” here at the link before the new volume drops. If you want a physical copy, you can grab it for cheap. Ebook is Pay What You Want.

It will be published as a limited edition chapbook (hand numbered by Jodi) or you can grab the ebook.

If you’re in Brisbane, Australia, keep an eye out for the launch in late May.

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when the new volume is released.


Asking Permission

IN the light of yesterday’s blog post about Jodi’s mentor program, she followed it up with a post about the fear of asking: Maybe I Was Only Then Becoming.

It is a remarkable insight into the creative mind and what fear can do to you when you’re a creative person. She references Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking. After reading the blog post, and hearing Amanda’s remarkable TED Talk from a few years ago, I need a copy. I’ll be putting it on my Christmas list and asking Santa nicely.

I can attest to how fear can be debilitating. I have been too afraid.

Too afraid to say ‘Yes.’

Too afraid to try.

Too afraid to fail.

Too afraid to believe.

Too afraid to ask.

Too afraid…

When we fear to ask we stand still, only to watch our shadows grow.

Mentorship Opportunity

My very good friend, writing collaborator and co-conspirator, Jodi Cleghorn (@JodiCleghorn) is offering a 12-week mentorship program for new and emerging writers.

If you are wanting to pursue writing then this is an opportunity to invest into your passion and start meeting your writing goals.

You can read Jodi’s account of how she came to this point, what she is offering and download the application form on her blog here: Mentorship and the Future Me.

I have known Jodi from my first writing days in 2009 when I stumbled upon Jodi and Paul Anderson’s website, Write Anything, and their weekly writing prompts. From there I gained her attention and was eventually asked to write for their site until it folded.

Jodi’s enthusiasm for new and emerging writers is unbridled; she was the person who offered me my very first publication in an anthology of new and emerging writers. She is dedicated to the emergence of new writers, taking them through the writer/editor relationship to hone and refine your work.

I am also blessed to have had the opportunity to write a novel with her, Post Marked: Piper’s Reach, which we are currently getting ready to shop around to agents and subs.

She is also a firm believer in the community of writers, helping to build connections between writers as a mix of support network, cheer squad, critiquing group, and beta readers.

I know she is looking forward to working with new writers, to help you realise your writing goals.

The cost of the mentorship is $250. For a 12-week program this is a remarkable investment into your writing life.

This opportunity is what you are looking for to set you on the right path. You will learn, grow in confidence and understand how and why it is what you do as a writer. Click the link below. You won’t regret it.

Mentorship and the Future Me.