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Teaching Others To Be Powerful

Being creative is a powerful tool for an individual because it releases a person’s sense of actualisation. But I believe there is more power in teaching others to be creative. 

To teach someone is to give the person the knowledge, skills and understanding that they, too, can be a powerful creative person.

I learned this lesson from Benjamin Zander, a classical pianist, and more importantly, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.

You can see his TED Talk here: Benjamin Zander – TED Talk

Here’s the takeaways from a delightfully rousing discussion.

  • Everyone loves classical music; they just don’t know it yet. You need to teach them the power of the music.
  • As the conductor he makes no sound at all, but he can allow the players to know the power within, to be powerful, to play powerfully.
  • He depends for his power on his ability to make other people powerful and to awaken possibility in other people.

When you have mastered your own creative endeavour, even if you haven’t, teach someone else how to do what you do. 

Help the person unlock their own creativity, to realise their own potential as a creative person. 

Creativity is a secret you want someone else to know.