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Zentangle #29 Revelation


we sit without
showing ourselves
I don’t really understand
how I can’t see you
you say you had been
in a way
revealing yourself
a clever way 
to get me into bed


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If you wish to purchase this piece, leave a message in the comments and I will get in touch with you via the email address you use when posting a comment.


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Handwritten Pages #2

The second instalment of Handwritten Pages. This one was inspired while reading Amanda Palmer’s book, “The Art of Asking.”

I cannot recommend her book highly enough if you are a creative person. It is a heartfelt and affirming read; quite challenging to accept her premise sometimes but as a creative person there is such a wealth of ideas to gain from it. If time is of the essence, listen to her TED Talk.


The couple sit across from each other at the dining room table, each with a pen and a pad of Post It Notes.
In silence they share a communion of scribbled notes, stick figure cartoons and random doodles intermingled wiht a chorus of laughter, sighs and whispers.
There is a solemn but playful sincerity to their ritual as the notes pass back and forth.
He passes a note to her; the body of Christ.
She receives it. Reads and responds.
She passes a note to him; the blood of Christ.
He receives it. Reads and responds.
He offers his hand and they stand to leave with the benediction spoken on paper.
They leave the notes as holy writ.

Practice Pages – The Disappearance of Noise

As drills are to an athlete, or scales to a musician, practice paragraphs are to a writer.
Here’s a little sample of an idea I foraged from my notebook.
Feel free to remix it in the comments section.

The Disappearance of Noise

All of the clocks of my childhood are silenced into obscurity:

– the bedside alarm clocks in my grandparents’ bedroom, wound at the back

– the grandfather clock in the hall where time always seemed to move slower as I watched the pendulum arc back and forth, slicing the moment, shaving it second by second. The inscription, tempus fugit, the first Latin I learned, and didn’t understand the irony until I stood thirty years in the future.

– the clock on the mantle in Nanna and Grandpa’s house was more hurried, urgent, pacing the time to meet appointments, chiming the quarter hour in mimicry of Big Ben.

All of these sounds, the midnight soundtrack to treading the hallway carpet barefoot, its texture a fresh cut lawn, skipping to the cold tiles of the bathroom. And back again.

Now I lie awake and listen, in between the passing of cars at two o’clock in the morning, for the ticking of my watch. I know it’s battery operated, no longer the wind up mechanism of the watch of my youth. Finding it wound down to silence, bringing it back to life, then placing it to my ear to hear the cogs pushing and pulling.

It was the mechanical rhythm, a lullaby of space. The tut-tutting of disapproval for wasted time, the snap of Lego connecting and the skipping of Nan’s knitting needles.

The digital age has created silence.

A Little Prompting #5

A Little Prompting

How have you been doing? What have you been creating? I would love to hear if anything has transpired.

Here is this week’s set of prompts.

THEME Reconnection
RANDOM LINE PROMPT The telephone wires kept pace with the road; long tendrils connecting the lover and the loved as a physical symbol of their connection
PHOTOGRAPH RetroTelephone_01_640x-thumb-520x390


SONG/MUSIC VIDEO Primitive Radio Gods – Standing Outside A Broken Phone Box
SENSORY SUGGESTION The pulse of the dial tone before you hit the buttons
QUOTE You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation – Plato

When In Doubt, Write Poetry By Erasing Words

Diving back into the classics for more blackout poetry.

You’ll find my first two attempts here (Moby Dick – Herman Melville) and here (Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad)

I have taken the first page of a range of texts and used the tone and ideas to create something new.


from Frankenstein – Mary Shelley (click image to enlarge)


Who I Am

from The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald (click image to enlarge)


What Your Mind Has Made 

from The Picture of Dorian Grey – Oscar Wilde (click image to enlarge)



A New Situation for Families

from Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy (click image to enlarge)







Like Ivy

from The Strange Case of Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson (click image to enlarge)


How Do You Make Something Creative and Cool?

How do you make something creative and cool?

I like seeing what people are doing with their creativity. Sites like This Is Colossal are a constant inspiration for what people can do. I love watching my mates Deane and Gary post their photos on Facebook, and through my twitter feed I see some very creative ideas.

I’ve seen cartoons drawn on Post It Notes, drawings scribbled on plastic lunch bags, bird cages suspended above a narrow laneway, umbrellas suspended in a similar way like a hundred invisible Mary Poppins.

And it’s brilliant. And so very cool.

So when I came across next earth is now on tumblr, I was intrigued. And even more surprised when I found out it was a writing friend, Daniel Ritter. I only made the connection when I saw it linked via his Facebook page. So I asked him about it.

In Daniel’s words, “(It’s) sort of an alternate reality experiment. Approaching it as if the photo/narrator is experiencing delusions that aliens or some other unknown agency has taken over the world, but he’s the only one that has noticed.

So far, this has been random, pants, discovery, stack-on-the-weirdness approach. Names have been named, rules have been established, so, it could be developed.”

They fill their zoos with us. Their zoos overcrowd with halfbreed children. They refuse to euthanize. They install …buttons under our feet. We do the dirty work, step by step. They’re absolved of murder.

They fill their zoos with us. Their zoos overcrowd with halfbreed children. They refuse to euthanize. They install …buttons under our feet. We do the dirty work, step by step. They’re absolved of murder.

You make something creative by experimenting, and Daniel has done this so well, playfully taking a foray into an idea and seeing where is goes.

And this is what makes creativity so very cool.

Follow next earth is now on tumblr
See what Daniel is up to on twitter @ReginaldGolding
And go have a sticky beak at his blog, Grounded Stories


Loose Scraps of Paper – Gathered Micropoetry

Another collated exhibition of #micropoetry I have posted to twitter and also posted here.

Plans are afoot for later in the year to publish a book of micropoetry. Anyone interested?

Footfalls and Shadows

My shadow hides
The path’s pitfalls
Hollows and
Stones to trip
Because I walk
Not into the sun
But away from it

Light A Match

our words fell
like leaves in autumn
and drifted into piles
the colour faded
the moisture evaporated
waiting for conflagration

Animal Playground

Some pigeons peck
At scraps in the playground
While others engage
In elaborate courtship rituals
Just like students 

Television Conversations
The television speaks

As a third participant talking
Over, under, through.
An unsolvable knot
Of miscommunication
Until the remote is found

Checkout Manga

In between customers
She draws manga
On the back of receipts
Slips them into groceries
And wonders if Godzilla
Eats breakfast cereal

A Windowed Existence

the existence of life
prelude to dying
narrows its vision
as death draws
the curtains
against the limited view
remaining through
the window

The Truest Hero

The truest hero
is seldom seen
in cape nor undies
on the outside
But in those
whose daily
actions make
the stranger
a welcome guest


Any particular poem take your fancy?