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Hands – A Poem


Hands 1Hands 2Hands 3Hands 4

My hands are a fence

to hold you within

or keep you out

I hold out my hand

In love + trust, security + hope

a protection from fear

I clench my fist and strike

in malice; in protest

in reaction; with intent

I open my hand as a flower

A gesture of comfort and sympathy

A lover’s caress and tender touch

To soothe wounds and help you rise

In friendship we clasp and I know

Your strength and you know mine

I can close the doors against you

or open the gates

and welcome you home

My Enemy – A Poem

The genesis of these lines started last night and take on greater significance in the light of today’s events.

In fact, every day is a day to #lovethyneighbour

My enemy planted a brick
and grew a wall of hate
I planted a tree beside
the wall and showed
how love creeps in

My Enemy

I Paved The Road…

I Paved The Road

I paved the road

less travelled

And that has

made all the