A Little Prompting #11

In putting together these weekly prompts I am finding I have new ideas for stories or poems. Must remember to write them down.

What has been pushing your creative buttons?

While you wait for an answer, here’s this week’s prompts.

THEME Reflections of the Inside
RANDOM LINE PROMPT “You’ve never seen me for who I really am,” she said.“Because you hide it from me every time I get close to you,” he said.
PHOTOGRAPH Neural Brainhttp://integral-options.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/research-neural-activity-associated.html 
SONG/MUSIC VIDEO Sick Puppies – All the Same
SENSORY SUGGESTION The sound of knuckles being cracked while flexing fingers.
QUOTE I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.
Leonardo da Vinci

2 responses to “A Little Prompting #11

  1. The theme of boundaries has been pushing my creative buttons. I arranged a series of workshops for our writers group on the them of crossing boundaries/breaking barriers as part of the Crossing the Tees Litfest. The Tees being the river – a physical barrier that runs between the 4 library authorities involved in the festival.
    We have produced work as a series of podcasts. But I have been thinking about all kinds of boundaries and barriers from the physical to the psychological and emotional. Are they a challenge to be met and breached, or a restriction to prevent us from moving on. Am not sure what will come of all the thinking yet. I have crossed a few boundaries just by finally putting pen to paper, (or finger to keyboard)…
    More info on the litfest here http://www.crossingthetees.org
    and you can listen to the podcasts here http://www.rachelcochrane.com only if you’re interested, of course.

    • There are many ways to define boundaries. So many ways. A couple of my thoughts.
      In regards to boundaries I’ve never thought of them as an either/or proposition. For me they are both a restriction (a way of knowing definitions and discipline, a sense of safety and comfort) and as a challenge to be met (to push limits, transgress, expand your own sense of self).
      I think the creative person needs both, especially when starting out. Boundaries are the ways we learn, knowing the rules, history and traditions of our chosen creative field. Only then can the boundaries be transgressed.
      Some boundaries are imposed upon us (physical, psychological, emotional, mental, spiritual) as well as boundaries we impose upon ourselves.
      I think it is important to understand what boundaries define who we are, what ones we want to keep as permanent territorial markers in our lives and ones we want to challenge and extend.
      Lots of ideas brewing in my head now.

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