Zentangle Poetry #1


This is my first attempt at zentangle poetry. I have dabbled with blackout and erasure poetry in the past but zentangle poetry was unfamiliar. 

Zentangle poetry is a combination form of blackout/erasure and found poetry where the author/artist adds an illustrative aspect to the poem. Think of an illuminated manuscript. But more scribbly. Google it for some quite stunning examples. 

But why do it?

It’s another way of being creative; a short activity that can be done in between other tasks or in some down time, or a way to relax. There are colouring in books for adults so think of this as another form of colouring in.

The down side is the defacing of a book.

In this case it’s Jostein Gaarder’s Through A Glass Darkly. Might make a thematic approach as I work through this one or let the page decide what it wants to speak.

I love the tactile sensation of handwriting. My sister-in-law has a custom chalk wall in the foyer of her house. When I get the chance to play with chalk I do. Here are a couple of my initial experiments.


Mixed typography but I’m happy with this. 


With additions from one of my nephews – this was done on Christmas Day. A little bit better than my first attempt after some research on my phone for typography.


My very first attempt; the family was watching Carols on the television so I utilised the time for some creative play. Not very good for a first attempt but giving something a try.

I have plans in my head for new designs next time the wall is cleared from her boys having fun all over it. As you can see I’m still developing my calligraphy skills but that’s the joy of creativity.

Start small, make mistakes, continue to practice and improve. 

All the while I need to sort out my Major Projects list and get back to them but these are good, fun activities to continue creative play. 

Go and have some creative play.

3 responses to “Zentangle Poetry #1

  1. Ack. So jealous of your beautiful script. Lovely to see you stretching into zentangles. So many dimensions (and levels) of creativity.

  2. Really love this ‘zentangle poetry’. Never heard of it until I saw your tweet. It would have to be a shit book before I could deface it, come to think of it, I have a few of those laying around.

    • I’m new to the form, too. I prefer blackout/erasure forms. Zentangle requires more doodling and design work that I am not good at.
      Defacing a book is easy, regardless of quality, although I would be very hesitant to do it to my faves. Hit up a Vinnie’s or Salvo’s store, or a second hand book store to find a new text to deface.

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