Post-It Note Poetry February 1

I set myself a challenge of writing a poem a day during the month of February. A poem on a Post It note.

Each day I’ll post a new poem*.

I have also set up a permanent page on the blog where I will collate all the poems.

You can also follow me on twitter @revhappiness and follow the hashtag #postitnotepoetry

* Results may vary and you can probably expect dog-awful, spleen rupturing, Vogon-inspired poetry. You have been warned.

February 1 – Fear

Post It Note Poetry Feb 1

I emptied my pockets

of all my fears

A handful of stones

dropped into still waters

Lost amongst the darkness

of the depths

But I keep one in my shoe

That I may never forget


7 responses to “Post-It Note Poetry February 1

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  2. Great idea, and a great start! Good luck…that’s quite a challenge:-)

  3. Good luck on your challenge, and great start!

  4. What a wonderful idea! But I suppose that means that your writing is a lot smaller and neater than mine…

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