Odds and Sods Behind the Lounge

The last week of the school term is fast approaching, extending to two weeks out of the classroom. In theory, this is free time. In reality, it’s marking, preparation for lessons, planning and sharpening pencils.

What it means for my writing is hopefully a little more time to work on a couple of projects. I have in mind the completion of new drafts for 2 short stories, tidying up a couple of poems, and the completion of the first draft of my verse novel.

It is very ambitious and I’ll be disappointed if I can’t get some of these projects up to speed. Must stay focused and on task. No distractions.

Speaking of distractions, on a whim the other night I opened my iPad, found a picture of my daughter (Miss #2) and attempted to draw it on a tiny Post It Note (the pencil gives you an idea of the scale).

This was the result.


But, what ever you do for one child, you must reciprocate for the other. My attempt at drawing Miss #1 was not as good (it’s the eyes; they’re not right).


Side by side for comparison; Miss #2 on the left, Miss #1 on the right.


Unperturbed, I took my pencil and pen to band practice and sketched one of the guitarists during set up and sound check. The proportion is wrong, but it’s not bad.


Side note: faces are SUCKY to draw. I can never get eyes and noses and lips in the right places.

Learning Experiences (nothing spoils fun like finding out it builds character – Bart Simpson): I am not very good at art but I don’t care.
It’s practice; the development of a skill.
It’s another way of being creative, unlocking the unconscious parts of the brain while it’s distracted learning a new skill like drawing.
I embrace the suckiness and enjoy the process.
And I’m not ashamed to post my early attempts here.

Creativity is about fun and play, and messing about with boats. Hang on, that was Rat. Never mind, move on. Nothing to see here.

Don’t forget to play with your food from time to time and learn Roman numerals. I’m off to draw.


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