Kintsukuroi – Micropoetry

In my brokenness
I am made beautiful
You collected
the broken pieces
Sealed fleshly wounds
With golden scars
I wear as triumph


This poem was inspired by the Japanese art form of kintsukuroi



I see creativity as an act of creation and as an act of repair. Sometimes it is in the act of creating that a person finds wholeness by putting their emotional and mental trauma and experiences into a work of art. It may be a difficult and draining but it can also be a catharsis, a release, a giving away of the issues and experiences held onto like removing a splinter from under the skin.

Sometimes we need to understand we are broken so we can be repaired and made beautiful again. Creativity is the medium through which it can happen.

What can you make beautiful again?

10 responses to “Kintsukuroi – Micropoetry

  1. Beautiful poem… I am so broken, even gold or silver cannot make me beautiful again. I love the concept though.

    • There is always enough silver and gold to repair the broken. We are made beautiful in brokenness.

      • Thanks Adam.. your poem struck me at a low point. Dr. Wayne Dyer and his daughter (cannot remember her name right off) reminded me yesterday “Don’t die with the music still inside you.” I am in a better place now. I guess that was the gold I needed to mend me and make me beautiful. I appreciate your wisdom.

  2. andrewpitkinsax

    Nice, I really like how you managed to compress this!

  3. carolynnemorrison

    Very romantic, not in the American sense.

  4. An incredibly beautiful poem. Writing helps me see difficulties through different eyes.

  5. I have made myself beautiful again! During my troubled childhood, I wrote a lot of (sad, depressing, desperate)poetry. Upon reflection, I can see that it was therapeutic. Now, I write with a much happier message. This post hit home. Thank you for making me think deeply! Your work is very much appreciated!

  6. This is so beautiful – and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Reblogged this on myrainbowmind and commented:
    I found this quite beautiful.

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